What do you like most about your site?
What don't you like about your existing landscape?
What specific needs and desires do you have for your future landscape?
What uses do you currently make of your landscape?
Are there any special plants that you would like us to use? Are there any plants you especially dislike?
Do you enjoy gardening? If so, how much time would you like to spend?
Are there foliage and flower colors that you like or dislike?
Do you prefer a particular style of garden, i.e. Japanese, English, Mediterranean, etc.?
How long do you expect to live in this house?
Choose the adjectives that describe the garden you would like for yourself. (Check all that apply)

Who will be involved in the garden design process?
Do you have any children? If so, how many and what are their ages?
How many cars do you have? Do you need guest parking?
Check the items needed for public area:

Gardening interest:

How much time would you expect a gardener to spend per week?
Outside entertaining requirements:

Recreational requirements:

Children's play area requirements:

Service area requirements: (Storage for)

Garden service area:

Pet requirements:

Other requirements:

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